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About Us

Welcome to ikatehouse!

We are currently located on east coast, near New York, USA.
We are a passionate and visionary e-commerce retailer both to individuals and businesses to provide all beauty products.
We help you to magnify your natural beauty that speaks a part of who you are with best quality with the price you ever dreamed of.
We are here to serve you to bring your glamour beauty that you haven’t discovered yet and have yourself renewed.


ikatehouse is proud to provide highly demanded products at the lowest cost.
 *All of our products are original and authentic*

We commit ourselves in every way to our customers for them to be satisfied.

Our hearts are proudly showing you how much we value and appreciate our customers who shop with us. Experience a new way of building relationship with us beyond business!


ikatehouse guarantees that you will enjoy shopping with us 24/7 with the lowest price in its competitive qualities that you will never find at any other places!


We built our market to be competitive by carrying thousands of varieties in beauty products all you need from eyelashes, cosmetics, hair, and body care to beauty accessories.
You will find the latest traditional styles that fit perfectly to all your needs.
We promise you the lowest cost with our exclusive online collections. We deliver the best price to you from our own exclusive merchandises from the direct manufactures within U.S. and through overseas.


ikatehouse conducts strict quality control in all of our warehouses and provides the utmost and prompt customer care to ensure your satisfaction with us.
We are a passionate and visionary eCommerce retailer to both individuals and businesses providing all beauty products.


We help you to magnify your natural beauty that speaks a part of who you are with the best quality and huge online discounts you ever dreamed of.

Thank you for choosing us!


To learn more about our beauty products and find out more BIG savings everyday, please click the link below:


To contact us, you have options to choose from the following;

Email us at info@ikatehouse.com.

We also provide our customer service by Text or WhatsApp if you wish to receive hasty response. Our customer service operating hours are 10 AM to 4 PM EST from Monday to Friday.

We do our best to help our customers.

Text: (201) 708-3434 (10 A.M. to 4 P.M. EST / Monday – Friday)

WhatsApp : +1 (201) 708-3434

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