NICKA K NEW YORK Lip Gel Color with Vitamin E

25963216 | by NICKA K NEW YORK

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NICKA K NEW YORK Lip Gel Color with Vitamin E

Lightweight and hydrating, NK Lip Gel provides a mirror finish that glides on effortlessly. Available in a variety of translucent shades, our gel delivers a hint of color with a non-stick finish.


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Good -09/08/2020

I bought the aloe, cherry, and mint, they arrived fast and quick but the mint was opened so the package arrived sticky and smelling like mint.

Glossy -05/24/2020

Love this one

Bubble gum -05/07/2020

This is one of my favorite lip glosses I have never tried the other ones yet looking forward to trying them it''s a 10-10 Follow me @the.real.pocahontas_ on Instagram so see more reviews.

Good ! -05/06/2020

I got the coconut and It’s smooth also isn''t sticky at all and has a really good smell. Also came really fast

I would like to sponser this lipgloss because a lot of my fans and friends are girls and I got 3,600 followers on Instagram so a lot of people would love to use this one dallor lipgloss if want me to put this on my story and my channel please email me

Amazing! -02/05/2020

This lipgloss is not sticky and all and stays on for a long time. Strawberry has a slight redness tint but still looks very nice!

I love the blue one, it feels so good on lipgloss

mint nk -02/02/2020

i recently purchased this and just received it, i got 5 for me and my friends. 2 of which came broken and leaked everywhere, even tho that happened, its smells not minty but kinda more like eucalyptus and pepper mint not a very strong scent

A MUST HAVE! -12/09/2019

these are absolutely amazing. I have all of them except for the aloe one. The cherry is probably my favorite but I’m in between that and the bubblegum one. The bubble gum one smells like watermelon gum.

Love it -11/13/2019

It''s the best lip gloss and not too sticky

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